Meeting and Events


With our current facility, we can make use of the space given and organize from small meeting to big meeting up to 40 people.

Meeting room is set up on the 12th floor with modern projector system, speakers and convenient table and chair setting. We also carter tea break and special brunch or snack according to your request.

If you would like to make reservation or any inquiries for the meeting room, please contact us at

We would be honor to make your meeting, either for business purpose or leisure purpose, a wonderful event to remember.


Occasionally, we have the honor to be chosen as the wedding pick-up destination (where you come and pick-up the broom or bride before heading to the wedding hall). We are not only glad with our

 customers' happiness but also excited to be part of the event.

At Tirant hotel, we also organize parties such as End-of-year party or Company Appreciation party as per request, either at our Tirant Restaurant or at Skyline Lounge.

Each year, we throw parties such as New Year, Tet, and Christmas as a way to celebrate and promote our own culture and international events around the world.