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A gorgeous beauty of Ban Gioc Waterfall

The world's fourth largest waterfalls in the list located on the natural border between the countries, Ban Gioc waterfall has a glorious and magnificent beauty

Located in Trung Khanh, over 80km from Cao Bang Town, Cao Bang province, even the way to the waterfall is full of beauty by the majestic scenery of the river, springs, mountains and forests.

In rainy season, the warm color fields like as small islands standing out from the strange green background. When the rice crop comes with the yellow-covered to bring a photo of the warm rich border area beside white foam of the cascade . The rainy season begins from June through September, dry season from October to May. Because of the abundant water volume during rainy season changes colour of water into red and carries silt to provide lands for villages here, dry season falls in the green color to bring peace, each season has its own beauty.








Translated by HT

Source: Buu dien Viet Nam

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