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Some attractive sites in Tien Giang province

Vinh Trang Pagoda, located in a large garden in My Phong commune, My Tho district, in Tien Giang province, built by Mr. and Mrs. Bui Cong Dat in the early 19th century. The pagoda was managed by Buddhist Priest Hue Dang from Giac Lam Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City from 1849. The beautiful structure was built in a mixture of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Angkor (Cambodian) architectural styles. Its includes 5 buildings, 2 ornamental yards, and 178 pillars.
Surrounded by gardens of ancient trees and bonsai, creating a peaceful atmosphere. It is recognized as a national historical and cultural relic by the government.

Differing from the other traditional pagodas, Vinh Trang Pagoda hasn’t the three-door temple gate. It has 2 entrances built basing on ancient temple style that decorated by using a lot of colourful glazed terra-cotta, china glued on the surface to under the form of the Dragon, the Unicorn, the Tortoise, the Phoenix, the Ancient root and the classic references of Buddhism….Built basing on the word ‘Quoc’ (meaning the nation) of Chinese character, including four compartments: forecourt, central chamber, the compartment hear the central chamber…
                                                                                                        Dong Tam snack farm

Dong Tam is the centre of snake breeding for taking venom for exportation, as well as medicinal plant cultivation and the study and treatment of snake-bites, for people in the Cuu Long River Delta. It is about 9 km from My Tho. There are also crocodiles, ostriches, yellow tortoises, and other species of birds and animals on hand.

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