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The beauty of Muong Nhe Natural Reserve Area

Muong Nhe Natural Reserve Area located in Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien province , is over 700km from Ha Noi capital of Vietnam. Looking down from the top, beautiful and soulful Muong Nhe mountain scenery likes a picture.

Mixed in the green of trees, the bright yellow daisies with yellow red roads not paved, is the sticky floor, the leaf houses in various sizes lying on roadsides, streams and groves interspersed throughout the thick, luxuriant trees, the distance is looming mountains

Muong Nhe Natural Reserve Area covers total area of ​​about 310.262ha, including 10 communes in Muong Nhe border with the residence of some ethnic groups such as Ha Nhi, Kho Mu, Mongolia, ...and near natural forests with 43% coverage - most of Dien Bien province. There are many primary forests such as lowland evergreen forest, evergreen high mountains and bamboo forests are being preserved. It was also the habitat for many rare animals.

Forest Fauna: According to current survey research, conservation area includes 291 species: 55 species of endemic, rare, such as stone turtle, elephant, gaur, sun bears, tigers, leopards, red wolves, wild cats ... and 45 species recorded in Vietnam Red Book. In addition, many previous studies document also reveals that: In the early 80s of last century, Muong Nhe Natural Reserve area has about 200 elephants, 300 bulls, 35 reptiles, 59 mammals and 270 other bird species.

Besides, the forest flora here is also quite diverse in types, there are about 740 species: 35 species of rare plants, 29 species of Vietnam's Red Book and Red Book World, in which many species special value in terms of science, such as fokienia, incense, ...  Specially, having 112 species of timber trees, medicinal plants, there are 68 rare species.

With abundant forest ecosystems, Muong Nhe is considered protected areas have a high biological diversity in Vietnam. Therefore, the preservation of the Muong Nhe Natural Reserve is very important, both in terms of ecosystem protection forest and river. In the near future, this place will become a tourist attraction and ecological research.

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