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Visiting to Ho Chi Minh in spring

Ho Chi Minh City, is the largest city of Viet Nam, is also the economical and financial capital of Vietnam, is one of the most beautiful and glamorously developing towns of Vietnam. 

Mostly travelers start their trip since November and they continue their tour in the city throughout March. When staying in Ho Chi Minh don’t miss out on the fun and celebrations in the Tet Festival in either late or early January. This is a extremly exciting occasion to come In April, the humidity in Ho Chi Minh is quite under control and is the apt place for tours by foreigners. Though December to April is also known to be the hottest time of the year but during the night the whether becomes very cool and pleasant at nights making it the best place for tourists to visit the city and go party hopping or to check out the various tourist attractions.

Between July and November the typhoon season reigns supreme as violent tropical storms can target the coasts any time. The rainy season though is entirely a bad time for a tour to Vietnam as it rains there mostly for an hour or two during the afternoon thus the tourists get some time to go sightseeing in the city. Thus, Ho Chi Minh seems to be easier to visit most of the time of the year but spring time invariably seems to be the best time to visit. The average temperature in Ho Chi Minh tends to remain around 28oC.

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